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Conductive bracelets

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Conductive bracelets
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Wrist Band Type:Adjustable; Material:Tinsel # 1/7 inner conductors. PU coiled cord, PVC moulding.; Colour:Light Blue; Terminal Type:Crocodile Clip; External Length / Height:1.8m;



• Adjustable

• Conductive interior produced from stainless steel nylon filament. Exterior produced from non conductive nylon yarn

• Surface resistance: 10

3 Ohm


• Length: 6ft


• O.D: 2.4mm ( +/- 0.1mm)

• Material : Tinsel # 1/7 inner conductors. PU coiled cord, PVC moulding.

• Contains a 1 meg ohm resistor for operator safety. 

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