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The TriField Natural EM Meter

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The TriField Natural EM Meter
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Can be rented for DKK 400 + 750 Ring of deposit as of course will return after the return to the unit in good condition. Rent stages. After we have received payment, deposit sent apperatet:

Rent stages.
Monday from Kgs Lyngby,
Tuesday, afhender you have it.
Wednesday meter you with yourself.
Thursday sending you through GLS.

We use GLS rather than mailing Denmark because they are more reliable, cheaper and insure the shipment without additional cost to the customer.
GLS has access points everywhere in Denmark, and usually close - but you will get additional information about this. Se evt. this link.

More data: 
NATURAL EM METER meter radio / microwaves and changes in extremely weak static (DC or "natural") electric and magnetic fields.
Using both a needle on the meter and audible tone, it detects: radio transmitters, geomagnetic storms, unusual magnetic solar activity, electrical activity of thunderstorms, leaky microwave ovens, magnetic rocks or bed frames, analog cellular phone EMF output, and concealed surveillance bugs. Because it can sometimes detect the electrical presence of a person, this versatile artist can even be used in paranormal investigations.

Sensitive to changes in electric fields of as little as 3 V / m with a full scale deflection at 1000 V / m. The measuring a magnetic field changes as small as 0.5% of Earth's magnetic field (2.5 mg) and as high as 100 micro Tesla (1000 mg). RF sensitive down to 0.01 mW / cm ², with a full needle deflection at 1 mW / cm ² over the frequency range 100 kHz to 2.5 GHz .. 9V battery included.
  1 stk.
210.48USD  Incl. VAT
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10 stk KUN plaster uden magneter
245.56USD  Incl. VAT
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280.64USD  Incl. VAT
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315.72USD  Incl. VAT
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